Announcing the 2012 Dedham Pottery Annual Collector’s Plate

The Pineapple

The Society’s volunteer Dedham Pottery curator Jim Kaufman tells us that along with the famous Rabbit design, the Dedham Pottery’s Pineapple design was one of the earliest images on Hugh Robertson’s crackle-glazed dinner-ware. In fact, the design was employed on plates at his Chelsea, Massachusetts pottery in the 1890s, before he relocated the pottery to Dedham in 1896. Amusingly, early price lists of the company listed the design as “Pine Apple”!

The earliest versions of this plate feature a sharply embossed border design, distinct from the flat borders of later decades. The pineapple has long been a symbol of hospitality (first among Caribbean peoples and later European settlers), and remarkably this Pineapple design remained virtually unchanged over the decades. Although this Dedham Pottery design was employed for a lengthy period, it does not seem to have been made in large quantities. As a result it is prized by collectors.

Shipping charges must be included unless you expect to pick up your plate within one week of being notified that it is available.


2012 Dedham Historical Society, Dedham Pottery Pineapple Plate

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