Audience from Coughlin talk

Annual Meeting Has Record Attendance

We had a phenomenal turnout for Gail Coughlin’s talk on the Indigenous Peoples of Dedham at the DHSMs Annual Meeting on April 18th, 2019, and the last of our 2018-2019 lecture series. More members and guests attended this year’s Annual Meeting than is known to be recorded, with more than 75 people present. Thank you to all who joined us!

A significant contributor to the night’s success was the speaker and her topic. Gail Coughlin provided an important history of Native Americans in Dedham and surrounding communities. Audience members were most appreciative of being informed of the accurate history of Indigenous people of the region, their relations with the settlers and those who followed, representation today, and Dedham’s significant role in the narrative. Attendees also commented on how they appreciated DHSM supporting young scholars. Thank you Gail! We await the publication of your book on the topic in the years ahead.

We have had a number of requests for a video of Gail’s talk, but she requested there be no recordings because of the ongoing work on her future publication. We have asked Gail to add to DHSM’s displays and records.

Please visit the DHSM to see our mini exhibit of Native American stone tools found in Dedham and nearby communities dating back thousands of years; also important 17th-century deeds transferring land between the grandson of the Great Sachem Chicatawbut and the Settlers.