The Dedham Historical Society & Museum lecture series continues with author and historian Anthony Sammarco presenting “Forest Hills Cemetery” on Thursday, November 21st. Laid out in 1848 as a rural garden cemetery by Henry A. S. Dearborn, its 250 magnificent acres have been the resting place of people of all walks of life, ethnicities, religions, and races. The lecture is at 7:30pm and is free for members; $5 for non-members. Doors open at 7pm. For more information, contact the Dedham Historical Society, 781-326-1385 or [email protected].

Among the many notables buried at Forest Hills are poets Anne Sexton and E. E. Cummings, playwright Eugene O’Neill, and abolitionist William Lloyd Garrison. Dedham residents interred in the cemetery include artists Philip and Lilian Hale, president of Dedham Pottery Hugh Robertson, and industrialist Henry Bradford Endicott. Forest Hill’s landscape is a museum of sculpture, art, and monuments that chronicles the Victorian age to the present. An active cemetery, Forest Hills is listed on the National Register of Historic Places.

For more information contact the Dedham Historical Society at 781-326-1385 or [email protected]