Men from Sacco & Vanzetti Trial outside

Sacco and Vanzetti in Dedham: A Walking Tour

August 6, 2022

Sacco and Vanzetti were accused of killing a guard and paymaster at a shoe company in Braintree on April 15, 1920. The trial drew international attention. Convicted and eventually executed, people locally and around the world claimed the two were innocent and decried the decision over concerns of bigotry because the two were immigrants and anarchists. The trial was held in Dedham, the seat of Norfolk County, over June and July of 1921. The two were executed in 1927.

This walking tour takes people to the locations and along the route where Nicola Sacco and Bartolomeo Vanzetti would have walked to and from the jail and courthouse, and to other notable locations where others associated with the trial would have walked.

Learn more about the tour, which was created by a Dedham Boy Scout, Max Malamut, Troop 1, for his Eagle Scout project.