Lobster Plate

“THE LOBSTER” Named 2014 Reproduction Dedham Pottery Plate

The 2014 Dedham Pottery collectors’ plate brings back the lobster design from more than a century ago.

This New England-themed design, with its asymmetrical placement of the lobster, reflects the influence of Japanese art which swept the Western art world at the turn of the 20th century. Note the embellishment of the standard lobster design with a delicate flourish of adding a couple seaweed sprigs around the perimeter. This particular example copies a rare original from the Society’s museum collection that was painted by Maude Davenport, widely acclaimed as the pottery’s finest decorator.

The price of the plate is $88 for Dedham Historical Society & Museum members; $98 for non-members. Massachusetts tax applicable for residents. $12 fee if shipping is required.

For more information or to purchase plates contact the Dedham Historical Society & Museum, 781-326-1385 or Email.