People canoeing on the Charles

“Wish You Were Here: Souvenirs of Dedham” exhibit open

Why do we collect souvenirs when we travel? What do the things we bring home tell about ourselves and the places that we visit? How have our ideas changed about what is okay to take from a historic site?

Wish You Were Here: Souvenirs of Dedham explores these questions through examining objects from our collection that were bought or taken as souvenirs. Images of some of Dedham’s cherished people and places, such as the Dedham Courthouse,  the Endicott Estate, and Fisher Ames, adorn candy dishes, pitchers, and plates. Images of historic places appear on spoons, tins trays, and toothpick holders. These items were made to be souvenirs–objects that remind us of an enjoyable and memorable experience.

The exhibit also features objects that were collected at a time when people took things that we no longer consider to be appropriate. A piece of Plymouth Rock, a pew post from the Old Meetinghouse in North Truro, and a mummified juvenile alligator are a few of the items that were taken and later donated to the DHS.

Museum hours are Tuesday – Friday 12-4 PM and even dated Saturdays from 1-4 PM. Admission: free for DHS members; $2 for non-members.